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Tummy Time Cards

Written by Raising Literacy Australia and illustrated by Fiona Bowden

New born babies can see clearly but they have a very short focal distance, limited to approximately 25 centimetres. Until they are about 6 months of age, babies respond best to high contrast geometric shapes, typically black and white images but also to bold colour such as red as well. Babies tend to follow the edge of shapes, where the contrast is greatest, rather than focusing on the centre of a shape or the background colour behind it. Tummy Time is important for a baby’s physical development and Tummy Time cards are a great tool to use as the baby will focus on what is in front of them.

A4 sheet with 4 x perforated pop out cards. Size – 14cm x 9.5cm. Side 1 – animal, side 2 – nursery rhyme.


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